how to auto label wall sections with correct label


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I sent to plan a first floor framing wall plan.


The walls are all labeled such as "Wall detail-14"


When I highlight that wall and click on the "Open Wall Detail" icon, I get a 2d picture of the framed wall ....which is what I want. When I send that to plan, it IS NOT labeled with the "Wall detail-14" ....but has a label across the bottom ....something like "Wall Layer 4 - Viewed From Outside"  it does this on all wall sections.


I would like to have the wall labeled with the label from the plan on each section. Any idea how or what I need to do to make this happen ...I spend the last 2 hours screwing around trying to find out how ....could have just typed each on in!


Almost forgot...running x9 Build 19.3.1


Thanks in advance


wall label2.PNG

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You are looking at 2 completely different things.

The wall label in plan view is the actual wall number.

The Wall Layer # in the wall detail view refers to the wall framing layer number in the wall definition. 

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Thanks Michael ....I tried it earlier and the macro did not work.


Then, I read it again ...and found the small detail "in the wall detail itself" like a charm!


Must have wasted 3 hours trying to make that work..... sometimes I think I'm losing my mind :)


Thanks like a charm.



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