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I'm currently running into a problem on X10 where when I sent multiple floors to a layout file, it changes all the floors floorplans to the same one.


So, if I send the first floor, and then send the 2nd floor, it turns both floor plans on the layout file to the 2nd floor. And then no matter which one I delete and resend, it does the same thing.


I've never had this happen before X10, and it only happens SOMETIMES, not every time. Seems like it might be associated with the plan itself, because it will do it on some plans but not others.


Anyone else had this issue, or am I just doing something incorrectly?

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I recently had a client who was having the same problem with X10. This, as far as I can remember did not come up during Beta Testing (other Beta Testers can correct me I they remember differently). What I did for my client was delete the floor plan views on layout and start over sending them to layout. You may want to contact Tech Support to see if they have had reports of this unwanted occurrence.



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This is most likely due to the new Plan Views feature.  To avoid having the views change on you there are at least a few options...


1.  Use a unique Plan View for each of your various views that you send to layout.

2.  Change your Plan View to "None" before sending the view to layout.

3.  If the view has already been sent to layout open up the Layout Box Specification dialog and change the Linked Saved Plan View to "None"

4.  When sending to layout select Make Copy Of Active Layer Set


And read up on Plan Views so you understand what they are.

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