Recess Corner Sink Base X10 (Updated)


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Just noticed that the cabinet is a little off to the left in the block, Unblock and ship reblock. Sorry about that.


Updated with new improved version for anyone who cares. Easier to deal with than the original.

Includes door symbols, undersink mat symbol and texture (Hafele), cabinet, an outline for correct plan view (almost), and countertop.


Cabinet is on Layer Cabinets, Base 2

Outline of cabinet is on Cabinets, CAD


Use the small "side panel inset" doors to set your reveal

These currently are designated as the standard slab door


The cabinet can be resized- range for theses is 39 to 45

Counter, undersink mat and cad outline will all need work if you change the size. Label will work though.

The undersink mat does not resize correctly and currently doesn't go edge to edge

(I'm not worrying about that now)


Increasing the cabinet to 45 will leave a gap on the inside at the center.

To fix you have to change the door symbols by pasting into a blank plan, adjusting and converting.


For things to look correctly

either block the corner cabinet or the

adjacent cabinets must be blocked

If not you get gaps-have no idea why5abe3dacf1712_WeirdGaponright.thumb.png.a05c8899ef03ab03d3bcc4f821d9c882.png


Doors appear backwards until you place them in cabinet

Chief is dyslexic.



I run into one or two corner sinks a year and have always used recessed corner sink bases. (more functional, No client of mine has ever bumped there hips on the corners I don't care how clumsy) Anyway I've tried well over a dozen ways to create these-import dwg from 2020, p-solids, multiple variations of multiple cabinets....some completely failed, some worked but always had limitations.

I've been down this rabbit hole too many times and just spent a silly amount of time there again but this time...thought of this and it got me up at 3am the other morning. After a bit of fussing, too much. I almost wasn't going to give this one away. Thought maybe I'd set up a paypal or a go fund me so I can get the Benq BL2420PT  I've had my eye on (the CFO has been intractable on this but I'll eventually wear her down-I hope)

Anyway here it is (that's right if I'm not getting paid at least I can amuse myself rambling)


This is a single cabinet, it will appear correctly in the schedule, the colors will change with the material, the toe kick works correctly, nothing odd will appear in your sink -cabinet and cabinet door defaults. I added in an inset version which has some slight differences. There are some notes on the plan for use.





New Recess corner sink

Corner Blocked.png

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