Need to change background color for line drawing


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I can not find the 3D background setting in X10!  I opened a plan from X9 in X10 and it preserved my background setting where I had removed the image and just replaced with a dark grey color.  The problem is that I can't find where to adjust the color now.  The issue is with the 'line drawing' view - the line  drawing view is showing the dark grey outside color as the background.  Where can I change background and adjust color or change background images in X10.  Please help!

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      We recently just upgraded our chief architect from X9 to X10 and I have a few questions:
      Is there any way to save a chief X10 file as an X9 file?
      Also, working on X10 I can't figure out how to add a background image to the 3D perspectives. On X9 you would go to 3D on the toolbar > 3D view defaults > backdrop > select backdrop... Now on X10 you go to 3D on the toolbar > 3D view defaults and there is no option to select a backdrop.
      Thanks in advance!
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      Does anyone know how to change the background color of the Ray Trace from grey to white?  I have already tried changing the "background image" to a white square in the Ray Trace edit dialogue and also changing the color to white 255,255,255 in the background color dialogue but neither changes the Ray traced background to white?