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I've been searching for a basic, nickel-gap, shiplap siding sample with SMOOTH texture to apply to ceiling planes in a plan.

The best I can find is one with a wood grain finish which does not work for my application.  I am trying to create a modern, clean lines look.

Can someone suggest where to find one or have one they would be willing to share?  White would be the color I'm seeking but I should be able to modify to suit.


Thanks in advance.

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Try you signature with no logo image perhaps ? maybe it doesn't meet the criteria? eg size etc


Looks Like Square Joint Tongue and Groove to me ?  similar to T&G V joint mounted/installed backwards...


*Try Clopay's T&G with the White Colour Option from the Color Option Folder Applied and see if it is close enough....

(Garage Door Manuf. Catalogue) , I use it for Soffits and t&G Ceilings if a "Country" Look is needed.


If applying to a Ceiling remove the 0" Paint Layer as this is a smooth White Finish that won't follow the "Grooves"


If you have the CAD Detail you could probably make a molding and Model it



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Thanks David , that does look smoother than my Clopay one...... I turned it into a new material and included it with my T&G Library below made from the Clopay Material but resized etc. If you want to make your own from the Clopay T&G and want White finish, start with the Fir T&G as it Paints white the Best.




MHD_Tongue and Groove.calibz




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I guessed on the square cut depth/width and the width of the plank. If you need it more precise, let me know.

You are right: it is a lovely design element for a more spare classical detail.



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