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I'm trying to duplicate my house in Suite 2018, but I don't know if it's possible to do a roof as complicated as mine without the pro version.  The enclosed porch off the back  was initially supposed to be just a deck, but at the last minute the builder decided to enclose it, so it has a different pitch.  In Chief Architect it's always wanting to put the roof centerline at the centerline of the house instead of the original center prior to the deck enclosure.  I've tried several different ways to get it moved, but it never works out right.  Can this be done without the pro version?


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(Enclosed deck is the portion with the siding instead of brick, and has the shallower pitch.  Also, I still have to add the 2nd floor over the far side gabled roof area, but didn't want to futz with that until I knew I could get the roof right.)

Model 1.JPG

Roofline 1.jpg

Roofline 2.jpg

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If Suite has the Upper Pitch Setting in the (White in photo) Wall Roof Tab ? you should be able to set it up ......


set it in from baseline at 12ft-14ft for example ..... normal pitch is your Porch roof , the Upper Pitch is the House main roof .....since it's you house you could get a rough measurement for the "in from baseline measurement. YOu do need accurate Roof Pitches....use a level APP on your Phone if needed.



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Yeah, I've messed with that, but when I change the pitch for the roof extending from the white wall it wants to change the pitch from the other side as well.  The only way I found around that was to add a dummy wall in the middle, but then it does goofy things to the appearance of the side of the house.

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Not sure if Suite as the Upper Pitch option like Pro or Chief does ?? doesn't sound like it...





I see your Signature now , so I guess you figured it out..... I don't think the Mobile Website shows them? or you have them off on the right hand side off the reply window , there is a X (cross) under the Reputation up and down Buttons..



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