Rev a shelf lazy susans not done right


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A 32" dia susan should go into a 36 x 36 corner.


But it won't.  Well, actually, it will if I force it and move it into the right position.  But it should pop in as a sink does, nicely centered.


And to rant further, a corner cab is built with fixed shelves, which stay there if you put a Rev a Shelf susan inside.  And the susan gets placed on the floor, not on the bottom deck of the cabinet.


So what good is this Rev a Shelf library, with something so basic as this not working?



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Thanks for clearing that up for me, Michael.  Works fine when done right, but one still needs to check the lazy susan option in the cabinet dialog to get the 2D display to show it.


And yes, it puts the RevAShelf product inside in the correct position.

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