Help! Upgrade To X6, Got Confirmation, But Can't Download


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Hi, All I am hoping someone from Chief will see this.  I pay for an upgrade on Friday in need for a job this weeked for Monday delivery.   I got the confirmation pages its says it will be activated shortly in few minutes.  Now it is over a day.  Still got nothing.   The sales person was Kim Jerald.  Does anyone know how to contact sales or anyone at chief?  I know it is the weekend.  I hope someone from Chief might see this and help me out.




Thank you for your recent upgrade order of Chief Architect!


This notice is confirmation that your order has been processed; please print a copy of the attached invoice for your records. 


Your upgraded software will be available for download within your digital locker shortly.  If you do not have a Chief Architect online account, you should receive an email within the next few minutes with your login information.  Your Chief Architect account also provides access to your Support and Software Assurance (SSA) benefits, including online training videos and downloadable library catalogs.


Thank you for choosing Chief Architect!

Chief Architect Customer Service

6500 N. Mineral Dr.

Coeur d’ Alene, ID 83815


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Aedy, keep checking you digital locker and be sure you're logged in. You should however get a notice if you're not. It implies that you do have SSA even though it's not required to have to get the program. Good luck and keep me posted. I sent you a reminders notice for our user group meeting Monday a few days ago. Hope to see you at the meeting.

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