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  1. rgfeher's post in Why do I find myself constantly having to diagnose issues? was marked as the answer   
    Windows Key is the key with the windows logo
    Mine says "option" directly under the logo (Logitech keyboard)
  2. rgfeher's post in Backsplash and windows was marked as the answer   
    Also in X6 is the custom backsplash tool
    Very good video on the use of this tool
    Edit - just tried the link - you will have to scroll down to the custom backsplash vid with the above link
  3. rgfeher's post in Pass-throughs - can't delete exterior casing was marked as the answer   
    General tab - check separate interior/exterior casing
    See this video - couple of minutes into it applies to what you want to do
    Perhaps this is not what you are after when I re-read your post
  4. rgfeher's post in Security warning was marked as the answer   
    Well, I got it straightened out
    For anyone that has this problem with IE, here's what to do
    Internet Options/Security(with Internet tab highlighted)/Custom Level
    /Change Display mixed content from prompt to enable (about half way down the list)