X10 Full camera view-cabinet lines jagged

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I have been working in X10 w latest update, setting up my defaults in a custom floor plan template for my kitchen or bath remodels.  When I check out my door style selections etc in the full camera view, the cabinet lines are blurry and jagged WHEN the camera view is at an angle.  When the camera view is straight on like a wall elevation, everything is perfect. I edited the current camera and turned off bloom, reflections, ambient occlusion etc., but it made no difference.  I hope someone can tell me how to eliminate or improve what should be a straight forward quick view of a room.  Thank you so much.


iMac Retina 5K, OS High Sierra--


I have several screen shots showing:

1.  A straight on full camera view without these issues

2.  An angled camera view and Chief Architect default camera settings

3. An angled camera view with all of the default camera settings turned off.

Straight on camera view.png

2. Angled w default settings.png

Chief Default camera settings.png

Angled w settings turned off.png

default settings turned off.png

Close up of those lines.png

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 2.11.01 PM.png

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That is the one thing I did not even try!   Never used it in X9.  Eric, THANK YOU so much.  That did the trick--it takes a few seconds, but the view is sound and I could export the image to show a client now.  Appreciate your feedback and help.



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Also in preferences Render-hardware edge smoothing- set to high, you have a strong enough video card for it.

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Mark, thank you.  I will give this a try.  Have been trying to work thru the new tutorials for X10 to understand the new things added to the program.  Seems I have time for just the basics on the renderings and always make do with the basic camera 3D views and the dollhouse views.  Appreciate any and all tips!  Sharon

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      The following text is from a posted that has since been marked solved. The solution on that thread is about 3 years old and required a RAM drive using a third party download. As the issue I'm having is new after I've changed settings and only on this one file and my I'm curious if there is a different solution.
      [copied text from "SOLVED" post] I'm currently experiencing really long lag times every time I move a wall or other object. Interestingly though I've noticed that bumping a cabinet doesn't produce the same lag time (it's almost instant) UNTIL it meets another object like an adjoining cabinet. I tested this by pulling the cabinet out into the room which resulted in a lag, then when it was in the room I was able to modify the cabinet by bumping stretching deleting and replacing like normal. Upon pushing that cabinet back to its position next to the other resulted in the same lag. Also, I am able to modify upper cabinets fine while they are touching other upper cabinets however I did notice that when I UNDO a function I also get a lag. This makes me wonder if the lag is due to the computer recognizing that the elevations and 3D views now need to reconstruct that joint whereas before the objects were just moving within the space. I'm getting about 60-80sec lag times which is absolutely insane. I haven't experienced this issue on other plans so it's very strange and makes me think I adjusted a setting somewhere that is causing this. The file size is 6.7MB
      Thanks for any insight you may have on this. If it is helpful I can record a screen video just trying to figure out what might be the most helpful information to record.
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      June 28th 2020
      Preferences > General> File Management > File Association    .........     which is at the very bottom of the TAB.
      ***Dec. 2018***   For X10 and lower versions
      Microsoft has now fixed File associations and you can do it via
      Start>Settings>Apps>Default Apps> scroll down to  Choose Default App by File Type near the bottom (not File Protocol)
      Now scroll Down and find each Chief File type and change the Default to Chief Architect X10 ( or your version )
      X10 should be in the list for each type to choose from for these File Types...
      .layout           (sketchup maybe associated at times with this one)
      If Chief isn't listed or a choice above it should offer to look for Other Apps....
      so scroll all the way down to "look for other Apps on this PC" (in blue) if X10 is not on the List already and in the Windows Explorer Window go to :
      C:\Program Files\Chief Architect\Chief Architect Premier X10 (64 bit) and select the File Chief Architect Premier X10.exe
      after the 1st File type (.alb above) X10 should be in the list for the Others and you won't need to do this part again.... you can only change one at a time so do these 6 types...
      ***Nov 2018***
      A recent Windows  10 Update has Broken File Associations for Many Programs . not just Chief
      *** EDITED OCT 2018***
      It seems the Methods below may no longer work since the Windows 10 1803 Update in April
      Some other Options are :
      1.) You can also Right Click any .calibz file or .plan or .layout etc  and Choose Open With>CA X10  (scroll Down to bottom if you don't see X10 listed and choose look on PC  (see path below) and Select it, once found look for the Checkbox that says Always Use this App Check it 1st and then hit Ok
      The Default Full Path to the CA X10 Program is
      "C:\Program Files\Chief Architect\Chief Architect Premier X10 (64 bit)\Chief Architect Premier X10.exe"
      2.) You can also goto Control Panel>Default Programs>Select CA X10 and the Repair Button should appear and you can Use it to repairs Files for the Installed Program, this does not effect Settings etc at least not when I have tried it. This is useful if you re-install X9 or one of the Home Designer Products or an older version of CA, AFTER X10 and they overwrite the Defaults For X10.
      To Open Control Panel Right Click START>System> scroll to bottom on the right hand side and Chose System Info under Related Settings. In the top left hand Corner click on Control panel Home>Programs and Features> select Chief Architect Premier X10 (64bit)  and on the Ribbon next to the Organize dropdown Arrow you should see Repair appear, click on it and the Repair will begin. ( it will look like the Installer is running again)

      3.) There is also some Command-line Options available if you are familiar with Dos and the Command Prompt? ask if you need them , I will post them if needed but I don't want people messing their system up by accident.
      Original Method
      The X10 Upgrade does not seem to have reset the Default Application for .Plan, .layout .calib and .calibz , .alb Files, .undoplan to X10, which is why X9 is still opening when you double Click any of these File Types instead, from reading here on the Forum, it looks like it hasn't done this on the Mac OS either Instruction for Mac High Sierra OS are in Post #2
      Chief does not appear to have the ability to re-register default File Types like some Programs do, but it can be done manually via the settings App or Control Panel ( better/easier ).
      In Windows goto :
      >Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Default Programs\Set Associations
      if that just takes you back to the Settings App , right click the Start Button >Run and it the box copy and Paste this and hit <Enter> :
      control /name Microsoft.DefaultPrograms /page pageFileAssoc
      goto each File extension. ( list below) and click the Change program button at top right.
      scroll all the way down to "look for other Apps on this PC" (in blue) if X10 is not on the List already ( wasn't for me) and in the Windows Explorer Window goto :
      C:\Program Files\Chief Architect\Chief Architect Premier X10 (64 bit) and select the File Chief Architect Premier X10.exe
      after the 1st File type (.alb) X10 should be in the list for the Others and you won't need to do that again.... you can only change one at a time so do these 6 types...
      .layout           (sketchup maybe associated at times with this one)
    • By Clemson_Causey
      So this is more just an FYI, but my current IMac that I use does not support X12 due to older video card and older OS system.  So was looking to get a NEW computer and have loved the reliability of the IMac, but was frustrated the the latest IMacs that were just released still had subpar video cards.  So have been doing a lot of research with Chief Architect Help Desk, Apple, and other PC manufacturers like Dell/HP and just wanted to share in case any other Chief Users out there were looking to invest in a New Mac.
      The end result is this: the current AMD Pro Vega video card in the 2019 IMacs will run Chief X12, but Chief is moving towards all their platforms using "ray-tracing" video cards that support Direct X, or the Metal platforms.  The Nvidia RTX 2080ti card is one of the best cards on the market to support the Direct X platform and ray tracing.  However, Apple only uses AMD chips at the time.  (and yes you can use add on hardware that reads the Nvidia card, but not looking to invest $3800 in a new IMac, and then have to use an EPU to get the graphics correct).  So Chief advised that IF I wanted to stay with Apple products, they advised waiting until later this year to see if AMD and Apple's new releases will have the "Metal" platform on their graphics cards, which will support future versions of where Chief is headed.
      Therefore, although I hate not upgrading and using X12, and I considered switching to a PC, which are very good, I decided to wait it out and see what Apple does later this year with their upgrades and newer video cards with AMD.  Here is a link to explain more of the Metal platform that Apple is using.
      Since I had done so much research, just wanted to share with anyone who was looking to get a new Mac this year.  Again, current Macs will support and run Chief great, I just wanted to make sure that when I invest in a new computer, that it will still run Chief upgrades well 2-3 years from now.  Hope this helps!
    • By CarlaBDesigns
      X10 for sale $1,000, this does not have SSA.