Porch Floor & Ceiling Beam Again

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OK this is another situation where the porch beams (CC Lintels) need to tie into the exterior wall at a fixed location. See A & B

The overhang & roof need to be at the edge of the beam as shown. Just because the soffit & fascias need to match.

Columns need to center under the beam.

This makes the floor not in the correct place for the column bases as shown in the picture.

I guess you could drag the foundation out to make the floor larger, then the tile does not cover & the room size label is incorrect.

How do you address these design situations?


Also there is an issue with the soffit at A-C that I have not been able to fix.

Use a 3D camera to look at the underside of the overhang.


Thanks for your input.



CA porch Floor.JPG

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