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In X10 you can use the "Saved Plan Views" to actually name the Plan.  Then by placing in a Text Block or Rich Text Block you will have a Title for the Plan View.  That allows you to name the View "Basement" or "Foundation Plan" or "Attic Plan" or "Roof Plan", etc. regardless of what Floor Level it's on.


If you send the "Saved Plan Views" to Layout instead of the "Plan Levels" you will always have the correct title for the view in Layout.

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Here is my PLAN NAME & SCALE BLOCK - X10 for Plan View Titles.


If the Layer Set Name includes the scale, the text scale in the title will be correct.  Otherwise, it will display as "SCALE: 1" = 1'-0"  The Graphic Scale will always be correct as long as the Block has not been resized.  Once placed in a Plan, it can be displayed in any Layer Set just by making sure the "Text, Plan Name" layer is displayed.


Plan Name & Scale Block - X10.calibz

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