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I'm creating a plan that includes stairs in the middle of the house.  I watched the videos and read the articles in the learning center and still, I'm having a few issues and I'm hoping someone can help.  My two remaining issues are:


1) when I view the stairs in 3D from the basement level, I see the stairs, but not the second floor - it looks like it goes to the out doors with blue sky (yes I've checked to make sure I have a ceiling over the 2nd floor).  See image 1

2) When I view the stairs from the 2nd floor, I only see an opening, also going to the outdoors with green grass - no stairs just an opening to below and to outside.  See image 2.


The stairs show in both the basement and the 2nd floor plan views, and I'm at a loss for what to try next.  I am running CA Interiors X9.


Thank you in advance for any insight you can provide.



image 1.JPG

image 2.JPG

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Looks to me like you are using a Floor Camera when what you probably want is a Full Camera.

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Are you using the Full Camera or the Floor Camera ?


Another thought is that you don't have Show all Floors enabled in3D ......


I assume you have built a Roof and foundation.....

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Thank you both - I was using the floor camera and that did the trick.  Glad it was something simple! 

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