Does this program do labor and material estimating

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It does not do Labour at all and it only estimates exactly what you Draw/Model in the Program....and you need to add pricing etc , it does not use RS Means or Similar.


Download the Trial version and have a play with the Materials List function and see if it works for you...


there are some videos too ...


Youtube Channel:


Chief Website: not sure if you need a login here though...



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a good partner for Chief is Planswift


from what I hear



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Thank you for the question.  Chief Architect will calculate a materials list.  It does not supply the regional pricing, so you would need to input the unit pricing value and then the materials list will calculate the total costs.


There is an option to show a labor column in the materials list that you can assign a labor cost to for each item that displays in your materials list.  You can also add a labor cost to individual objects such as windows, doors, etc. (in the objects "Component" dialog box).  Then the labor is added automatically when you place the object in your plan.


Feel free to contact our Sales Department if you have any questions about how this works.  You can email or call 208-292-3400.


Kind regards,


Derek Pedersen

Chief Architect Software

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