***HELP! Can you please check my plan? 99% done***


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Hi guys,


I really need some help. I'm new to Chief Architect and I've nearly completed the design for the home that I would like to self-build (99%done). I would like to send my plan out to get estimates on materials and labor but last night my version (X7) of Chief crashed and I can't get it working again. Can someone please help me to:


1) Review my plan and tidy up any mistakes.

2) Generate a floor plan with dimensions 

3) Generate elevations

4) Generate a material schedule

5) take some concept shots


I would be really grateful to anyone who could help me with this. i'm trying to keep the budget low but I am willing to pay for your time. 


Kind regards,




P.S. The file might show an error but it is possible to get it working. 




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1 hour ago, Jallert said:

P.S. The file might show an error but it is possible to get it working.


I was able to open it in my copy of X7 and I immediately made a copy just in case that plan actually becomes unusable.


The error messages states that your .plan is corrupted. That means that at some point the plan may enter a state where it can no longer be opened by anyone. This is a common event when new, untrained users are involved, making too many guesses as opposed to educating themselves on how to properly use the software. A trained user never gets a corrupted plan, ever.


I will need to work on your plan live on line with you so I can find out from you what your intentions were versus what is found in the plan relative to its default settings and preferences. Once we have the plan stabilized (no error messages) then we can start making construction documents.


Let me know if you are willing to work with me and we then will.


In terms of a Materials List, well that is a different order of magnitude: in order to have an accurate Materials List the 3D model must be perfect in every way, inside and out. The entire model must be built exactly as it will be built in the field, every stick, every stud, joist etc. The materials list in Chief Architect Premier just measures what is in the 3D model and NOTHING MORE, so if the model is perfect from foundation to roof ridge then and only then will the Materials List be accurate. This requires extreme skill with the software and a thorough knowledge of local building practices to pull this off. This level of accuracy is not necessary to creating plans and so takes at least TEN TIMES longer, one has to triple check everything from stem to stern, that takes additional time. In terms of myself, I do not offer "Take Off" professional services. You would be better served to share your plans with such a professional who does offer professional Materials Take off services that to try to make a 3D model do this on its own. For instance the foundation must be accurate in every detail, every grade beam and footing must be completely accurate for that to then read accurately within the Materials List. I am not a structural Engineer and so you would have to hire such a professional to design the foundation which could only then be modeled into the .plan file.


I am sorry to dump all this new data upon you but I do this for a living and for several decades, I know what is required.




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29 minutes ago, javatom said:

Any time I see a post like this where an inexperienced user claims the plan is "99 percent done", I know it usually means a complete redo of the plan.


That is as may be, but the point is he has asked for help of professionals and he should have it.



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Thanks guys, This is good advice and I appreciate it.  DJP I just sent you an email with a few other files that I'm hoping aren't corrupt and am ready to hand it over to an expert at this stage to move the project forward. Thanks for your help :) 

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