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  1. Thanks guys, This is good advice and I appreciate it. DJP I just sent you an email with a few other files that I'm hoping aren't corrupt and am ready to hand it over to an expert at this stage to move the project forward. Thanks for your help
  2. Hi guys, I really need some help. I'm new to Chief Architect and I've nearly completed the design for the home that I would like to self-build (99%done). I would like to send my plan out to get estimates on materials and labor but last night my version (X7) of Chief crashed and I can't get it working again. Can someone please help me to: 1) Review my plan and tidy up any mistakes. 2) Generate a floor plan with dimensions 3) Generate elevations 4) Generate a material schedule 5) take some concept shots I would be really grateful to anyone who could help me with this. i'm trying to keep the budget low but I am willing to pay for your time. Kind regards, Joe P.S. The file might show an error but it is possible to get it working. Chinese_Modular_Home_Plan__14.plan