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Window Decals possible?

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I'm working for a commercial client at the moment and I'd really like to be able to put their name and logo on their front window - is this possible? If so does anyone know how?

Running Chief Architect Interiors on a Windows Laptop if that makes any difference.



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I don't know what features Interiors has, but one way to approach this is to shoot an elevation of the window, then Build>Primitive>Face. Define a material with the logo (use a file format that supports transparency, such as .png), assign the material to the face, then adjust the scale/position/etc. so it looks nice.

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If placing such a custom material to a single 3D face of glass you would have to parse the material so that it appears to cover only part of that 3D face. I have done this several times to create custom signs or that appear to be a decal on a larger clear glass space. Such planning is placed into the custom material (image with a transparent background) so that when applied one uses "Stretch to fit" across that face so all you see is one instance of the image as opposed to multiple instances that one would get if the "Stretch to fit" command is used.



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