Software lock vs CD keys not matching issues

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Hello again everyone. I have a question but I'm not sure anyone can help. 


This is the situation and I'll try my best to be brief.


I bought Chief Architect 10 several years ago and fell in love it. It's the best designing and drafting software I've ever used. 


I got very sick for several years and had to stop working. During a move I somehow misplaced the dongle.


About a year ago I was finally hopeful that I was well to try to return to work and asked, on here, if anyone knew if it was possible to purchase a new one.


An extremely kind guy said he had plenty of old X1 versions with dongles that his business wasn't using anymore so he offered one to me and sent it to me.


I had a flare up of my illness so my excited return to working form was delayed about a year. Finally it appears I'm improving enough to try again. 


I just got a real, small but paying, job(!) again so I  rushed home and excitedly loaded everything from version 10 (don't know why but thought it may help when transferring my old files) then loaded X1, put in my new (but used) version X1 usb hardware lock and realized I didn't get an updated CD key.


The only version CD key I have is from Chief 10 but the only dongle I have is from X1. They aren't interchangable darnit!


Oops. I didn't notice that that didn't come in the box. 


So here's the question, does anyone know how I can buy either a new version 10 dongle to go with my working 10 CD key or an X1 CD key to go with my working X1 dongle? Or is this against the rules? 


Or maybe I should just take it as a sign that returning to work isn't supposed to be in my future. (JK - trying to start positive here folks!)


Thanks in advance to anyone won takes the time to read my novella. 



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when you bought X1 you should have received a CD key

the dongles don't have the key they are they just to verify that you own the software and didn't get a hack from the internet etc


it is illegal fro someone to sell their X1 CD key if they have upgraded to a newer version


so to get an X1 CD key you would have to find someone sell their license and everything with it on ebay or elsewhere

that license also needs to be transferred to you by CA

and there is a fee - that fee can be $50 - $400 or more depending on if it is a primary or secondary license etc


verify with CA before purchase if the license is valid or what the fee will be


as for ver 10 since you have a license some kind soul could donate their key to you and it will work with your ver 10 license

I donated mine a few years ago - I charged $5 for mailing

again old licenses,discs,keys etc can't be sold if the license was upgraded


at this point you may also want to consider buying X4 on Ebay - price should be reasonable

I wouldn't buy anything older - avoid X3 - library system was wacky and required subscription which is no longer available



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Another option you might want to consider is the rental program.  For $199 a month, you will get access to the current version X9, SSA (which allows you to get technical support, all of the newest libraries, and training videos), and people on this forum are going to have an easier time helping you .  If you continue to get more work and stick with the rental, it will convert into a full license after 16 months.  You can also stop the rental program at any time for any reason.


For more info about the rental program, check out these FAQ's:


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