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Good Day All!  I think I have finally have it done!  It has been a while, but I have made some adjustments to our home plan.  I would love for anyone to take a peek and let me know how it looks for my first CA house plan. However, I do have a couple of  questions. Thank you all for all of the help you give us newbies!!


 On the "plan view" in the foyer, there are two outlines of framing? or something?  One is a small rectangular box in corner near entry, and long triangle in the same area.  I can't seem to "click" on it to see exactly what it is and if it is really needed.  


Also, when I "show label" for windows (and doors) I get duplicate labels on 2017 floor plan set  I can''t seem to do anything but either turn completely off, or on with duplicates showing.  I would like to show type and schedule number on plan.  Just not sure where I have duplicated label.  


Thanks again!

KIM_and_BILL- FINAL- 2017 - Fanning St. -

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You have 3 different sets of schedules in your CAD details. Eliminate the two unnecessary ones and it will only show one label. The lines you cannot click on appear to be the lines showing default ceiling height.

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if you turn off the layer "Ceiling break lines" they won't show, it a line automatically created when the roof plane goes lower than the ceiling plate line.

Because you have soffits at the ceiling , you won't see it in 3d.

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