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11 minutes ago, renom3 said:

nobody have same needs ?

What are you using that for? I ask because it looks as if you would be better off using a molding line instead of a 3D polyline or a molding polyline.

IF your moldings are all relative to a single horizontal plane DON'T use a 3D line.

Does this do what you need?

A standard molding line will show the width of your total profile in plan. To adjust the heights of stacked molding take a back clipped section through the molding. The moldings don't update live while the DBX is open but a lot easier than hit or miss.


Molding line.png

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Ok MarkMc

i thing you just align me in good direction

before i dont make difference between polyline molding and 3d polyline molding 


recap if i want to draw a stack molding

i first draw a polyline , convert it to polyline molding , and after chose my molding .  is that right ?


but i still can't do cotation  quote in elevation view , but its work in cross section viiw


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Don't need to draw a polyline first. I use "build, trim, molding line" from the menu-actually I have it set with a shortcut key. Draw line (a little longer than needed to begin with so it's easier to grab) set height (which will be listed from the subfloor so add for that) then add molding (s) bring the line back to the corner you want it to meet. To add to it just grab the DIAMOND node at the end to start a new segment.

I use back clipped sections because it is easier to see the in out of the moldings in the stack, also use that to make a cad detail to dimension when done and send to layout.

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