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  1. renom3

    cabinet door line in plan view

    ok x9 here thank MARKMc i will update my acount info
  2. Is there a way to show the cabinet door lines in plan view ?
  3. renom3

    3d molding polylines

    Ok MarkMc i thing you just align me in good direction before i dont make difference between polyline molding and 3d polyline molding recap if i want to draw a stack molding i first draw a polyline , convert it to polyline molding , and after chose my molding . is that right ? but i still can't do cotation quote in elevation view , but its work in cross section viiw
  4. renom3

    3d molding polylines

    nobody have same needs ?
  5. renom3

    3d molding polylines

    that was i am thinking too
  6. renom3

    3d molding polylines

    There is a way to see in plan view how looks (in size and shape) the 3d molding polyline like it look in camera view ?
  7. renom3

    3d polylines molding

    how can i see cabinet door lines in plan view ?
  8. renom3

    3d polylines molding

    is that possible to see the molding polyline in plan view ? like i see it in camera view and wall elevation ? also i can't make dimension on it in wall elevation
  9. ok but a was not clear in my question how can i convert to cabinet only , not cabinet door i want to do some end panel that will place a the end of some cabinet and calculate in schedule
  10. how you it ti convert to symbol as a CABINET DOOR ?
  11. renom3

    change number in cabinet schedule

    OK THANKS for the filler but about partition ?
  12. hi a) can i change the number in cabinet schedule ? i want to tell my number by myself how can i include partition and filler in cabinet schedule ? thanks
  13. renom3

    Connecting Wall

    Yes but when a change the main layer to the inside rough All my house change I just Want to build With the extérior surface dimension