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Truss problem

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I get the following error message when trying to put framing trusses in:


"Roof and ceiling planes cannot be found or they are too close together so cannot make truss"


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For a truss, you need a roof AND a ceiling plane.  Make sure the ceiling is turned on in the structure tab.

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You have to build a roof first...and THEN build your trusses.  Your plan doesn't have a roof. 

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Also, I would really recommend you consider going through the user guide, possibly reading the manual, and most of all...checking the help files via Help>Launch Help.  More often than not it will not only answer your specific question but will help you to learn the program's nuances much more effectively.  Here's one of the topics that comes up for trusses...



Drawing Trusses

Trusses cannot be generated automatically: the must be manually drawn and then replicated. All trusses are drawn similar to the way CAD lines are and can be drawn in floor plan view only. See Draw Line.

To draw and replicate trusses

1. Select the either the Floor/Ceiling Truss  or Roof Truss  tool, then click and drag within either a floor/ceiling platform or one or more roof planes.

• Roof trusses seek an exterior wall and adjust their length automatically.

• Floor/Ceiling trusses will snap to the wall surfaces, the exterior surface of a wall’s Main Layer, as well as to a variety of CAD-based objects, and can be drawn to any length.

2. Reposition the truss:

• Floor/ceiling trusses are often positioned relative to an exterior wall or Framing Reference Marker . See Framing Reference Markers.

• Roof trusses are can be positioned over a gable end wall or at the ridge end of a hip.

3. Open the truss’s specification dialog and edit its settings to meet your needs. See Roof Truss Specification Dialog or Floor/Ceiling Truss Specification Dialog.

4. Make multiple copies of the truss at specified intervals using the Multiple Copy  edit tool.

The copies of Roof Trusses automatically conform to the structural conditions in their new locations. As a result, replicated Roof Trusses and their labels may be different from the original. See Truss Labels.

Unlike Roof Trusses, Floor/Ceiling Trusses do not conform to new structural conditions when they are either moved or copied. SeeMoving Trusses.

To replicate trusses using Multiple Copy

1. Select the truss to be copied in floor plan view.

2. Click the Multiple Copy  edit button.

3. Click the Multiple Copy Interval  edit button to open the Multiple Copy dialog. See Multiple Copy.

4. Enter the correct spacing in the All Trusses box. Once set, click OK.

5. Select the truss and use the Move edit handle to drag it perpendicularly. The pointer becomes a four-headed arrow  when it is over the Move handle.

6. New trusses appear as you drag. Drag as far as necessary to produce all desired trusses. Each truss is created according to the particular Roof/Ceiling/Truss Base planes above and below it.



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