Rendering technique I will share


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I just tried to emulate in CA a rendering technique I learned in architectural school. It appears to be working.


The rendering technique I used over 35 years ago was this: First make a very light print of your drawing on white paper. Color the drawing with pastels or colored pencils.

Next print the same drawing on a clear sheet making sure your linework is very dark and crisp.

Overlay the line work over the colored drawing and matte them together. The line work gives punch and definition and the color gives the warmth and tone.


I just printed out an elevation using the standard render and saved it to a file.

I then printed out a technical drawing the same way.

I opened both files in photoshop and over layed the linework after deleting the white areas. I then changed the transparency of the line work until I liked the look.

Same result - the linework gave detail.


Try it sometime!



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1 hour ago, johnny said:

I don't see the example....



I think what Jintu meant was " IT WOULD BE nice to see a sample of your technique."


Are you talking about something like this Larry?

Render.jpgLine.jpgBoth.jpgBoth 2.jpg


If so, have you tried played with the "Watercolor" Rendering Technique and checking "Line Drawing On Top"?  If so, try that out, I just did the above as a quick example using that technique.


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