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Should be pretty easy.  It's not exactly what you've shown but this is just a real quick example made just to show you that it's totally possible.  I just built a standard roof and then added 3 ceiling planes (2 sloped and 1 flat).  Not too difficult...


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Was just starting to type my reply when Michael's popped up.

Nice job Michael.


Larry- after the truss profile is created you should be able to check "lock truss envelope" and edit as needed.



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I'm getting closer!

Trusses looking good.


Now I need to put in floor trusses bearing on the sides and a center cmu stem wall.


And, this building is being built on top of the foundation of the former house, so the concrete block walls are sitting on a new slab with thickened edges and thickened center.

(no new footing s are being formed.)


Proper approach?

dudley24x40 from scratch.plan

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