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Place millwork into cabinet schedule with correct dims

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Updated 2/28-added cabinet doors into schedule-one on it's own floating and example of it on a cabinet.

Changed the corbel procedure-instead of specifying the symbol should be "inside" the cabinet I now embed the "holding cabinet" into where the corbel goes. This allows proper vector and watercolor views. Revised plan attached


I finally found a way to get millwork into the cabinet schedule without using architectural blocks. Problem with blocks is the dimensions read based on orientation in the space and not on the object.

It's a bit of a futz at first but I'm happy. Once set up the stuff can live in the library.

Place the millwork in a new plan, convert to symbol _CABINET DOOR instead of millwork. You will have to work with the origin and stretch zones. Origin will vary if it is going in as inset or trad overlay.

Then place a cabinet, futx with the dbx (most need to have opening for back and both sides) In 3d vector view I change the sides of the cabinet to "opening no material"

Once cabinet is done save to library- can later add a different millwork door to it to save work.


Plan shows a schedule, two millwork "doors" and a couple of cabinets using them for reference. Open all dbxs to get the idea. (no not doing a video)


I also placed at the bottom of the plan what I've been doing to get moldings, loose accessories, touch up kits, toe kick etc into the cabinet schedule. These are also saved to the library for reuse.

The Text callout is placed once and copied. Dimensions can be adjust to read properly but the quantities are off so I put that into the label.

Bracket sch.plan


schedule view.jpg

Bracket sch.plan

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ok but a was not clear in my question


how can i convert to cabinet only  , not cabinet door

i want to do some end panel that will place a the end of some cabinet 

and calculate in schedule



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This would basically be the same process as for a Partition.  The other alternative is to export a 3D View of the Door Symbol to "3DS" and then import that and specify it as a "Cabinet" in the Create Symbol dbx.

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Not at computer so from memory (feeble)


Make cabinet -3/4" deep, full overlay, separations "0", reveal "0", toe "0" depth and height. Cabinet material as opening no material. 

Adjust cabinet to size you want door. When placing bury the cabinet box (3/4") into whatever the door is applied to (use point to point or transform replicate)


Will read correct size in schedule, look right in 3D, and change with the cabinet default door. 

If the extra 3/4" bothers you in plan view, place on a separate layer and change base cabinet lines to white, don't change door layer line. Turn off that layer when pulling dimensions to avoid extra snaps. 

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