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How do I get the line with arrow to automatically be placed on its own layer ?

I finished a floor plan where I have a number of notes and lines with arrow

pointing to the items the note refers to. When I change to the framing layer

set those arrows appear. I want those lines with arrow to show up on the

floor plans.


I will also be using the line with arrow on the framing layer set as well. I

want those line with arrow to only show up on the framing layer set. I looked

at the annotation sets and see there is no option to have the line with

arrow on a predefined layer such as "line with arrow-framing" or

"line with arrow-floor plan". Do I have to create these layers and remember

to change to the appropriate layer every time I draw a line with arrow ?






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I'm pretty sure they get created on the Current CAD Layer.  While you can set this manually, it's easier if you use the Annoset to take care of it.

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