Exporting / Importing Ray Trace configuration?

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No.  I think the closest you can probably get to an export/import process would be:

  1. Do a Save As of Plan A (the one that has the desired Ray Trace settings) and delete everything in it.
  2. Import Layer Sets, Annotation Sets, and Default Settings from Plan B
  3. Open Plan B and use Edit Area (all floors) to draw a polyline around the entire plan. 
  4. Cut and paste/hold position that Edit Area Polyline from Plan A into Plan B.

You can of course also just take screenshots of your settings from Plan A nd re-enter them into Plan B but it would be nice if there was an actual export/import process. 

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Thanks for the responses.  I do have template plans with all my settings in them, just didn't have the ray trace settings in it.  The second solutions is what I usually do with all my older plans to bring them up to current standards.  Chief really needs a way to import / export these ray trace configurations.  What is funny is you can edit these configuration defaults under the default dialog box. But when you choose to import defaults to a new plan the camera defaults don't show up.

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