help rebuilding x2 manufacturer symbol library

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I neglected to have back up of all my accumulated manufacturer libraries  and since loading my copy of X2 on new computer I am designing my projects without that resource I have relied on.  Since I do not have SSA the Chief contact suggested I ask around and see if anyone would be able to send me copies of libraries I lost. 
So:  Any one have libraries I no long have such as: Medallion cabinetry, kitchen fixtures, 3d room fixtures, plumbing fixtures, people etc. 

I am a residential remodeler with one helper and can't justify the $2700 upgrade cost to my wife, or myself just to get the libraries I lost.

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide.

Willis Lasell

Chileab Construction

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sorry, but I think you are screwed


if anyone can send you the libraries they need to verify with CA that you have a valid license


you could try to find someone selling a legal X4 license


and then you can download the libraries again

I think - check with CA's customer service


avoid X3 the library system was changed and was horrible

they changed it again in X4 to the current system


plus X4 will give you the annoset feature (among others)



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