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Attached here are two plan files zipped and a library. This is stuff I did during testing back in Sept/Oct. I just assembled it all here. I don't do vids (someone else can if they want)


There are parts, blocks, and assembled cabinets. In some cases there are several cabinets placed inside each other.

I suggest that you look through the DBX of everything, open symbols etc.

to see where origins, stretch planes, and stretch zones need to be. Blocks are included where you want to make your own symbol and change the door style.

One is plan is an early version of a kitchen for client with MS- (better version was done with the help of Richard M-final is another story altogether though) I included that since when some of the items are moved to a plan with different toe heights things go awry.

MS kit opened.png


The other plan just has an assortment of stuff I grabbed from other files to put in one place.

Mixed opened.png


I added in the pullouts today. I already had a bunch of these, just made them work with the new feature. Note that for in many cases you will want to change the drawer box material to "Opening (no material) . It is in your library already (got this from Joe C). I added it to my user library materials for easy use.

Some of the appliances were done starting with SU symbols that were deconstructed and turned into door or drawer symbols.


Just a note, I'd already been this same thing look/demonstration for rollouts and pullouts with layersets prior to this. I'm not sure that the open door thing is more efficient yet for those. For appliances though it is a winner. It would be swell if anybody that creates their own appliance parts adds them here along the way.


I'd requested parts from Chief , likely to arrive at some point, may even be easier to use than what I have here. They did make it so that appliance door thickness reads correctly in plan in the latest release. I'd also asked for control over drawer box side heights separate from faces and greater control over degree of opening (and past 90 degrees).


Open stuff

Open appliance etc.calibz

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