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Warning - I am a relatively new user.  I am surprised that I have to scroll through all the items to find something specific.  For instance, I can type in table and get a long picture list of tables,  but I can't type in small round table.   Am I missing something?  Are there not multiple descriptions on each item to make the searching quick and easy?

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Library is a little rigid with Chief and slow sometimes. Its the weakest thing about a "great product" . I just decided to get over the little issues. I love the program to much to complain I am afraid they will take it away from me and then my five year old daughters toy allowance  gets slim. I have little blue dots of corrupted files I need to talk to tech about, The library will not allow me to delete them. I had data files from several past updates and I think things got a little messed up. I keep anything from 3d warehouse I use in a separate folder on my PC and fetch them when I need them. 

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      Any help would be great.  
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      We are excited to have offered yet another selection of great catalog brands in the first quarter of 2018!
      If you haven't had an opportunity to browse or download them yet, look for these latest additions:
      Brizo Federal Brace Mutual Materials Rev-A-Shelf Sub-Zero Wolf  
      We are also working with Custom Wood Products, who has committed to developing and maintaining their own cabinet catalog. Although you cannot download the catalog directly from the 3D Library, a Chief Architect compatible catalog is available through their dealer network. 
      We have a number of great catalogs and updates in the works and on the way. Stay tuned!