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  1. Thanks for your reply!  If each item has a name, keyword, and style - how do you identify what the name, keyword and style is of a chair, for instance?  Are these part of the folder names?  Perhaps I should just stick to using the folders, and not do an item search on all items.  Which process do experts follow to find a chair? --> open the Library Browser to see folders, open Interiors folder, then the Furniture folder, then the Arm Chair folder, etc?       I work with software daily so I may be a little OCD about things..HA!

    1. BrownTiger


      Best way to use the Library is to avoid searching all together.

      Create UserLibrary folder e.x. MyItems and create a folder structures and copy your items there.

      When you right click on an Library Item you should see "Search Attributes" and keywords that will help you search.

  2. Warning - I am a relatively new user. I am surprised that I have to scroll through all the items to find something specific. For instance, I can type in table and get a long picture list of tables, but I can't type in small round table. Am I missing something? Are there not multiple descriptions on each item to make the searching quick and easy?