Not being able to rotate or block polyline solid wall

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I made a pony wall using polyline solids. This wall has 3 free formed glass panels on top.

I wanted to rotate the unit but was unable since the rotate handle would not appear. 


I also tried to block them together. Again I was unable because the tool would not appear

for me to do so.


When I moved the wall the parts of the wall would get misaligned.


Does anyone know why this might be happening ? I have attached the plan. If someone

could look at my plan and let me know what I am doing wrong I would greatly appreciated

any help.









Arched Entry Porch.plan

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My guess is that when you are trying to block the poly solids, you are including the lights as well.

You can't block the poly solids and the lights together.

I would block the poly solids and then block the lights separately.

You can then combine those 2 blocks into a single block.

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