Pony wall help.

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I've got a 3-D rendering of a customers building, we have been trying different color, and material combinations to achieve the look they want. The walls are drawn as pony walls to have an exterior wainscoting. They decided to see what it looked like without the wainscoting. Now they want to try another color combo, with the wainscoting again. But when I try to change the lower wall material in the wall type, it doesn't change, or if I do it with the material eyedropper in 3-D, it changes both the upper and lower!?!


It only happens on a wall set in a porch area. All the other exterior walls will change. Any suggestions?



NathanDennis Morris 3-D-Full Camera Image 10-19-16.pdf

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Open the problem wall and go to the Materials tab, check the Exterior Wall Surface to see if it says Default:......  if not select it and then hit the Select Material... tab and at the bottom left select Use default material and that should reset things so that you can then say ok and ok to close, reopen and select your custom material.


If that does not work you might want to post the plan file.

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If you change the material using the eyedropper, it will over-ride any change you make within the Wall Type definition. You could try the following to see if it helps:


Select the "exterior room" by clicking immediately adjacent and to the exterior side of any exterior wall:




...then click on the Open Object tool, navigate to the Materials tab, select the Exterior Walls component, click on the Select Material button, and assign the Use Default material:




...this will reset all the material changes you've made to the exterior walls using the eyedropper. Now you can change the material definition within the Wall Type definition and you should see the result in 3D.


EDIT: Chopsaw beat me to it.

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