Historic Building Trim

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I need help on how to do something similar to this picture.  I have a client that wants to restore this downtown building and I need to figure out on how to show the decorative trim at the top of the roof.  Any ideas?


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You should ask questions in the Q&A Forum.  This Forum is where people post their Tips on how to do something that might not be obvious.


But to answer your question:


It's not going to be easy.  You will need to create a series of 2D Molding Profiles & 3D Molding Symbols and add them to a Molding Polyline.  You will also need some additional Symbols for the ends and for the "Lintels" over the windows.


All of the above would probably be easiest to create in SketchUp but they could be created in Chief using a variety of Solids and PSolids.

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Make sure you get enough money for that one.

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Put the image on a background layer . Use a p solid overlay. Make the p solid glass so you can see the image behind it. Make your p solid a 3d molding poly line. Or a molding.

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