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Basement Stairwell

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I am having issues with my basement stairwell.  I have studied an earlier post from Aprill11, 2016 (posted by ArtisanDeck and answered by Drawzilla) and I think some of my issue lies with terrain settings, but I'm having other issues as well.  I created my stairwell on the foundation level, then created a room above it comprised of invisible walls with no ceiling or roof.  I defined the room as "OPEN BELOW".  Here are my problems: 1) The walls on the first floor are not entirely invisible. 2) The room is not open to the stairs below (maybe due to my terrain specification).  See attached thumbnails.


While I'm at it.  I have been looking for a Bilco (brand name - don't know what else to call it) door for the stairwell.  Does CA have one and I'm just not finding it?







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Thanks for the Bilco doors. :)  Here's a sample plan derived from the plan I'm working with.




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If you draw a polyline rectange and outline the opening, you can convert the rectangle to a terrain feature. Once converted, open up the properties and change it to a "hole in terrain". 

As for the walls being invisible, are you referring to them not being seen in the floor plan? If so, that's just your visibility settings. 


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That solved part of the problem, but why does it add a partial wall on top of the foundation wall (shown here as a concrete wall - I'm guessing about 8" in height, but I don't know because I don't have an actual wall to click on to get a dialog box)?  See attached...



As per your instruction...



It seems to add a short wall on top of the foundation...



I have no wall to modify or delete...


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Go to your foundation level, and open up your room specification dialogue box for the stairwell.

Once there, select structure and then change your ceiling height to "-4". I'm suspecting yours is probably "4". 



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This may solve a few issues for you. Just place door in wall of foundation and good to go. Minor height adjustment that's all.



I didn't see any extra wall on plan you attached. Could be wall got adjusted from room dbx. Just drag them down if you want. Also you don't really need room on main level so you could eliminate the invisible walls. 

Normally I would draw stairs for something like that as a p solid because we require a wall below upper portion. Just use a closed polyline to show concrete fill for sections.



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Thanks guys... The problem was with the stairwell itself (with its room specification).  You both have been a big help!


Jerry, I have read a lot of your posts as you are in the same climate as I.  I hope you don't mind if I enlist your help periodically.


Thanks to you both.

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That's what we're all here for.  Glad you got it all resolved.

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