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I have a two level design for my home, with ceiling dimensions (structure and finish) the same on each floor, but anything I place on the ceiling on the ground floor (lights, fans, etc) seem to attach to the underside of the floor above and I need to manually drop the light/fans/etc by the height of the ceiling structureby specifying the ceiling offset on the object itself, otherwise the (flush mounted) lights don't appear at all, and the fans look like they disappear through the ceiling. I don't need to lower ceiling mounted items on the second floor. I'm an amateur at this, but I have been using CA for a while now and I don't recall it doing this previously.


I have attached screenshots of the room structures for the ground and second floors.






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Just a guess here without the plan, but try opening the fan symbol and check under Options if it is "Ceiling Mounted".  Or possibly under the 3D tab check your Origin Offset for the Z Position, but not sure how that would get messed up.

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...also check your Offset From Ceiling setting (although it seems you would know if you had messed with that). 


If none of the above helps it would probably be a good idea for you to post the plan.  It would alleviate a lot of guesswork. 

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