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  1. correct

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    2. Chopsaw


      Just wanted to be sure you found the little down arrow in the gray box because it looks like nothing is there unless you use it.

      If that is not it then I am not sure what to say unless somehow they don't show unless the file you are importing is not formatted correctly.  Maybe post the DWG file and see if it behaves the same way for someone else.

      I assume you are still using X8 as I went back and checked that version for the screen shot of the dbx I posted.

      It would be quite helpful for others trying to help if you post in your signature what version you are using and some of your more critical computer specs.

    3. johngreen


      Hi Chopsaw,  to answer your question again, the 'selected layer(s) to:', is grey out, inaccessible 

      Thanks for your input, yes I'm using X8. I'll have a go as you say & send to colleague 

    4. Chopsaw


      "unless somehow they don't show unless the file you are importing is not formatted correctly."   

      That theory is not likely correct but I just remembered that I recently had a file I was trying to import and the elevation markers did not even import as cad lines when I did not specify them as elevation markers so possibly there are some smarts working against us.

      You may want to check in with tech support if you cant resolve this one as I don't think there have been any changes to that programming from X8 to X10.

  2. johngreen

    P Anstey Australia

    G'day Chief users, When I'm importing my DWG survey I get to the part, 'Select Layers', to layer the contour & boundary names to either 'elevation data or terrain perimeter', the problem is the drop down box to layer here is greyed out, therefore can't layer.....why is this so & how do I fix this??
  3. johngreen

    X8 Library content not showing

    Hey Guys, my library dialogue box, via, either Ctrl L or button will not appear, all of a sudden this just happened, using X8....any ideas....pls help