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  1. So you don't need my help? It's my pleasure help to friends.
  2. i downloaded your pdf. but i prefer have dwg of your drawings tell me if you have. it's very easy, i'll return you soon. Farid;
  3. Hi, i would like to work with you. Please tell me more what exactly you want. Farid.
  4. Hi, I downloaded your file and i'll tell you what i can do for you. Farid.
  5. kodyak437

    seeking in help with chief architect software

    I can help you via internet if you want. please PM me if you are interested.
  6. kodyak437

    User at GTA (Greater Toronto Area), Canada

    I'd like to join your group. I'm architect with about 25 years experiences and i'm using X1,X5 and X6. I didn't find serious members to discussion about using and problems of this great software or other professional acts. There is only a fun club. Most of them didn't read their PM for several weeks. Anyway I'm glad to join group.
  7. kodyak437

    Seeking Chief Training for X7

    I emailed you and hope to have your answer.
  8. kodyak437

    Seeking Draftsperson

    Hello, I sent you an email and hope to have your answer.
  9. Hi i'm interested to work with you via internet, I'm working with X5 , X6 and AutoCad. I'll contact you. Thanks,
  10. kodyak437

    Looking for working plan

    Hi glad to help you, please PM me if you are interested. thanks,
  11. kodyak437

    Looking for a skilled professional . . .

    Hi I would like to help you, tell me more about your plan and which version are you using. Glad to help.
  12. kodyak437

    New Construction Project- Architect / Designer Needed

    HI, i emailed you and would like to know more. Farid.
  13. kodyak437

    Seeking Assistance with Plan (Roof)

    I am glad to help you. please PM me if you intersted. Farid.
  14. kodyak437

    Gotten As Far As I Can

    HI, I'm glad to help, please PM me and tell me more. Farid.
  15. kodyak437

    Seeking draftsman

    HI, I am glad to help you. I downloaded your PDF and i'll email you soon. I'm using X5, you can open it's plans with X6. Farid.