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  1. MKDB Did you find anyone yet? I'm in need of same service - Thanks!
  2. How do I edit the post title..???
  3. Hi I am looking for someone who can do my as-builts as projects come in.
  4. How do you export or save the 360 so that I can put on my FB business page..? I see several people doing this, but can't figure it out. The tutorial shows 3 options; HTML code for website, email and WP code..?
  5. Yeah I think you're right Mark Mc. It'll just be an added bonus when the cabinets arrive
  6. Alaskan_Son that was very easy!...and it's scalable - thank you!!!'s what it looks like Now if there is a way to make that panelling section without the joints (as it would be in real life - like they do at the factory) that would be a miracle. Great day I learned something new
  7. Hey Mark, I downloaded your file, but all the panels look like this..see photo.
  8. Hi Doug, that works for the tall side cabinets, but it doesn't work for the wall cabinet above the door. I'm trying to get the panelling to sit on the bottom of the wall cabinet above the door.
  9. MarkMc where did you find the wainscot panel...did you make it?. I'm not finding it in the library.
  10. Thanks guys I will try these solutions today! So far MarkMc looks like the easiest but will try both and report back.
  11. Doug did you try it?..I couldn't get that to work...??
  12. Chopsaw you can't make a door lay flat in the right axis. That was my first try.