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  1. v8 in Sketchup? Interesting this is what happens when I import arched windows, you'll see even the casing doesn't import. The casing over the garage was a molding polyline so it stayed but you'll see that the window and sill are gone. This is Sketchup 2017 been happening to me since 2014 version. Imports fine in Lumion BTW
  2. I've had issues with this in the past and am wondering if anyone has ever had luck with this situation. If you have any arched (rounded) door or window the door or window will be deleted from the model when imported to sketchup from a .3ds file. If you export to .dae file it will have an error pop up that says "import failed" and doesn't import at all. The only way I have found it to work is to export to .DWG, but the textures don't export that way. So I have to open a new file, copy the wall with the arched window and door. Export those to .dwg and them import them into sketchup, delete the walls leaving only the window / door and then move it into the model of the house where it was left out. Obviously this is ridiculously tedious and completely ridiculous. Am I missing something, can someone verify this, if so can we get this fixed please?
  3. Exporting to .dae file fixes this in sketchup too.
  4. So since the X9 update we haven't done a Res Check on a house until today and noticed that all of the information we used to gather for that in the Materials list General Section is no longer there. Used to have Ceiling SF, Walls SF, Windows and Doors SF, etc. None of that is there any more. Is there a new setting somewhere that can bring this back or a new Res Check area? The Res Check exporter never worked for us so we just kept doing the same method we always did before but now we can't. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Not with this project... I'm not asking for much here honestly. I can typically model these houses in about 2 - 4 hours... I just don't have the time. My entire staff is covered up on other projects. Not asking for cheap, asking for reasonable.
  6. I'm looking for 5-10 people to help me out over the next week. My company was hired to create 31 renderings of 31 different homes for the local home builder's association 2017 Parade of Homes. Two problems I've run into. 1) Usually we are given from October to work on these but we were given the project in January. 2) This has been our busiest year ever since January 1 (that's a great problem to have). Renderings are due this week and we have barely begun to model the homes beyond the floorplan footprints. So this is what I need: Proficient and detailed modelers to model exterior fronts only (no interior walls or finishes needed). We will provide PDFs or CAD files of plans and images (if we have them) of the house currently under construction . CA X9 models preferred. Landscaping and Accurate Exterior Textures will be handled by us. Some object modeling may be required by you to make it look like the elevations in plans (ie. light fixtures, garage doors, etc). Objects that can pass as "close enough" that can be downloaded from 3D warehouse or some other website will be acceptable. They need to be complete in a day or less Your price has to be reasonable, we are on a tight budget. If the first house gets completed in a time frame that is acceptable and looks good you will get more passed off to you. This is a very important client for us and I need to deliver a great product. If you think you can produce this please send me an email with your contact info and a price to produce 1 model at a time. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT... YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO START TODAY OR OVER THE WEEKEND. DO NOT CONTACT ME IF YOU CAN NOT HAVE THE MODEL DELIVERED TO ME BY MONDAY MORNING. I have to be able to put the models into Lumion Monday morning to begin renderings. Contact me at if you are interested. I will be accepting offers through Saturday evening.
  7. Nevermind... found it. 3D > Camera View Options > Toggle Shadows.
  8. WHERE DID THIS GO IN X9? Used to be with the light tool bar and is not longer there.
  9. Yes, I ended up downloading AutoCAD LT demo to work on this project. And all lines do in fact have assigned lineweights. When importing they all covert to 1 in Chief.
  10. So whatever happened to the default AutoCAD Layerset that used to convert standard layers set to the AIA / AutoCAD standard? Also, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I had a client send me a .dwg and when I import them and check "import all attributes of lines" (paraphrased) it does not import the lineweights. It defaults them all to 1? What gives?
  11. Something that has perplexed me for year... Is there anyway at all to show a clipped corner on a cabinet and get it to butt against a wall and not default back to displaying a normal square cabinet?
  12. Yes, I need a Revit user to open the file in revit and then convert the file to a .dwg or .3ds or some other format I can import into CA X8. Working on a commercial project so everything has to look exactly as it will be installed or ADA review will not pass. Trying to work around my limitations here.
  13. Got this file from manufacturer's website and unfortunately only have option to download .rfa files. Can anyone convert it to a file type compatible for import to CA please? Thanks. Clicky Clicky!
  14. So X7 decides to crash whenever we try to export a 3D model to any format and this is only on one of our computers in the office. This happens to be the one we use to export to Lumion so needless to say it's a pain in the butt right now. Only started happening a week or 2 ago. anyone ever have an issue with this and if so any resolution? I'll be submitting to Tech Support but just curious if anyone else had this happen.
  15. Is there a way to set up scenes to queue without having to keep every light on? Meaning, if I set the raytrace in que does it remember which lights I had turned on and off for that particular shot? This would be in order to have 8 shots render overnight without me having to baby sit them all day.
  16. That definitely can be handy for existing/ remodel situations. Nice tip Joe. The only thing it doesn't work for is my situation the fact that I'm using the walls to display differently on interior and exterior but need them all to be "Located" and Defining room. I mean, I could use that method, but It would probably just be as much work as the methods I use, with the exception that it might be easier to keep up with changes. I'll see if I can make it work for me.
  17. Yeah, Joe that doesn't get me where I need to go. The only real way to get what I need is to either: a.) Turn on "Walls, Main Layer only"; create a plan foot print by creating CAD details from View; highlight all of the walls and make them dashed. Highlight the CAD lines then create a block. Copy and past in place back in the plan set. Create an interior wall layer and and exterior wall layer, then a layer for the footprint block I just created. Then turn off the interior wall layer and turn on the CAD block. or b.) Copy the plan (and hope I don't forget to make changes to both whenever I need to update changes) Create layer sets and wall sets with each filled depending on which views I need Both take a lot of productivity time and both have issues when it comes to revisions. Why go through all the trouble when there might be an easier way to do this? I think my suggestion holds enough weight to consider. Why shouldn't we be able to control the fill of individual wall without having to create new walls or even new plans, in some cases, to get the wall to display how we want them to display? If we didn't have walls that defined spaces like we do then doing remodels and other things like I'm doing would be a no brainer. You could create two walls put them in the exact same location and have one filled and one not and have each on a different layer and then you could turn on the one you needed when you needed it. But because of how CA works that is impossible. So therefore the simple solution would be an individual control check box in the wall dbx. Check on to display fill, check off to display no fill. Simple as that.
  18. What you described is basically what I've done to this point. I'm more concerned with the fill that is defaulted to the "Walls, Layers" layer that turns the wall fills on and off.
  19. Is there any way to create a copy of this particular layer and set walls to it so that only those wall's layers will turn off? If not then I will make the suggestion that maybe we can get a tool in the wall dbx that will assign the walls "Layers" to the layer set of your choosing. I'm working on a building I want to do separate exterior and interior layouts given the nature of how it's going to be built. I've created separate wall layers so I can display them how I want in each layout, but I can not turn off the interior layer color separately and therefore if I want my exterior walls filled I have to have my interior walls filled too. Me no likey this way.
  20. Hey gang, I've got 3 identical computers running in my office and everything is running the same software and background services, etc. When I use CA on my computer (of course it had to be the one I use for my desk) I've noticed that it lags a lot when rendering a final view with shadows. Something like a technical illustration and running "Final View" with shadows takes much longer on mine than the other 2 computers. Mine will take 30 seconds or more where the other computers render almost instantaneously on the same file. I've also noticed a lot of lag when running CA in 2D view, editing roofs, etc. My question is would this more likely be a RAM or a Video Card issue? No need to ask if I've updated all the latest drivers, blah blah blah. Of course I've done all of that already. Just wondering if anyone who knows more than I do about CA's functionality could help me narrow down what might be faulty in my computer. -Aaron
  21. I'm working on a file that I received from a builder and I can not figure why the frieze texture pattern is displayed differently from eaves to gables. This usually doesn't happen on my default files. I'm wondering if maybe there is a setting that I'm not aware of that is causing this that he has set in this file. Anyone know why this is happening like this?
  22. I like your solution Scott, it probably would work better for tracking in the materials list though.
  23. In this scenario my "posts" are I-Beams and they let me use those. Here's a picture of what I did. I just created a profile for my C-Channel and extruded it as a polyline solid and placed them as needed.
  24. That's what I did in my picture above, but the problem is it won't turn horizontally and if you size it to be 8X2 instead of 2X8 it looks like the bottom profile which is wrong.
  25. Do you mean the material for the wall framing in the wall set up? If so then yes, that's what I set up. However we don't build walls like that. These are steel buildlings that have horizontal C-Channel framing @ 48" o.c. vertically on the wall between steel posts. I can make them using molding poly lines or polyline solids, but I was hoping to get them as framing materials so I can use them in the material list and possibly get a count of all we need with each project without having to do a manual take off.