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  1. Does anyone know the fix for this issue with AMD cards? Specifically the 6800xt
  2. Ahhh I'll have to try what Bill suggested next time I'm forced to do one. Hopefully not anytime soon
  3. Yeah, its a pain either way but with long schedules I always got more frustrated with having to constantly move the cabinet to top of screen, scroll down, move it more and just finally went to using the up/down arrows exclusively. That said I absolutely hate doing Cabinet schedules more than anything else in the software (largely for this reason) and try to get away with detailed elevations whenever possible. If the stupid cabinet schedules would allow you to populate by room that would be a huge improvement.
  4. Wow..... 2 days, damn. If you do a lot of these you may look into, I'm not certain but don't some of the cloud service host virtual machines that you can load all your software on? Never done it but I remember reading about someone who offered that. Still wouldn't be much faster as you couldn't use multi-gpu even in cloud, but at least you could rent out a 4090 to lower the time and free up your machine meanwhile (though you'd have to have 2 licenses to keep working I guess, and I have no idea if our licenses would allow this or if it would be a violation)
  5. Well it will likely be a week or two before I get into trying anything, as I am remodeling my house and my home office isn't in any shape currently for me to be breaking down one of my PCs and making changes. However, I'm pretty good at this kind of thing and think I shouldn't have an issue making it work at all actually. For starters I'm going to try and just assign Zoom, Chrome, Camera and whatever else I think might be using GPU to the secondary card, without any need to alter any setting within or based on Chief itself. Just allowing the primary card to be as dedicated to Chief as I can and in theory freeing up resources that those other programs are taking. I'll definitely update here when I do but it's not something I'll get around to until probably mid-late Feb depending on how long this remodel takes and I am able to get my office back to normal and get all these extra boxes and assorted junk out of here.
  6. Absolutely I know it is being faded out for gaming and most software, however I thought that since 3DS Max (at least as current as 3DS Max 2020), VRay (as current as VRay 5), Blender and Thea all do, as well as software I'm less familiar with such as Octane, Maxwell, CycleX, FStorm, these were all listed as having Multi-GPU support and show quite noticeable gains from even 2 GPUs, but seem to get good gains up to 4 GPUs when the gain per card seems to taper off. I would assume the limited gains are due to CPU limitations and these programs may or may not be relevant to our use case. They do however seem to do the same basic functions as the rendering programs we are more familiar with. Many of these seem to be able to take advantage of cloud based rendering from companies like iRender where a Threadripper maxed out system with 4x3090 runs $15/hr. Perhaps adding cloud rendering is something CA could look at, but personally I would not use it outside of RT Walkthroughs. I would just like the power of 2x3090 here at my office. Mainly to work on larger models in PBR RTRT, or more specifically easing the strain of hosting zoom presentations while screen sharing a PBR RTRT in a large model, making real time changes to that model based on client feedback, while running multiple screens and having 12+ tabs of chrome open, and opening Paint3D to make a custom texture on the fly. Yes I can do that with a single 3090 and frequently do, but I close chrome, turn off my 3rd screen and still when making many successive minor changes or accessing the library while doing it, etc. I can get some noticeable slowdown on larger models (beyond single room K&B, or even large kitchen/living/dining with many windows ) and often switch over to another view to ease the workload, switching back to PBR RTRT when the changes are made to allow the client to see. Being able to direct Chief to use a specific graphics card, while sending zoom, camera, and alternate monitors to another GPU is something that would probably solve the issue much easier and more affordably. I know Lumion has the ability for you to specify GPU, but alas naturally will access the GPU connected to the monitor the program is started on if you don't. This would seem, I do not use Lumion, to allow exactly what I am wanting to do and would also allow a very affordable used 2080 to handle the minor tasks once you connect the primary and secondary screens to it while dedicating the entire 3090 to Lumion once the 3rd screen is only connected to the 3090. (or ideally Chief if that was or is already implemented) After thinking about it that would seem to be a much better and easier to implement path than multi-gpu. EDIT: After a quick google search it does seem that you can assign Chief or (zoom, chrome and camera) to use a specific card. I will likely do that and expect to see a noticeable increase in performance during presentations. configure a program to,select the Graphics settings link.
  7. Right on, same idea..... just a much cleaner object
  8. I know this is an old post, but I figured out how to do this if you're interested. I adjusted the offsets on the TV symbol and then attached the TV to a bottom hinge door. Set cabinet bottom to .5" below ceiling height. TV drops down below when cabinet is closed and disappears into ceiling/attic/floor above when door is open. Ceiling Drop Down TV2.calibz
  9. Here's how I do it..... I make a fixed glass window, remove jamb, casing, sash, frame, sill, everything until there is just a piece of glass. I use the lites tool in the window DBX set to diamond. I then add lets say 20 vertical and 20 horizontal and set the muntions to 1/8" Change the muntions to chrome Once thats done convert your piece of glass window to a symbol, Place that object in front of the cabinet adjust your size as needed to be slightly bigger than the door center panel. Then once the density and the size is roughly what you want for whatever cabinet you're using it on convert it to a symbol and set thickness to 1/4". I used Fixture/Interior for category. From there go to the cabinet you want to apply it to, set the center panel or glass to opening (no material) And then open the cabinet and apply the symbol as a door back insert in the cabinet accessory/appliance part of the DBX for that specific door. Not sure that's the easiest or quickest way but it works great. If anyone knows how to get the lites on just one side of the glass let me know, doesn't matter much once the object it set to 1/4"D but when its a window you have big gaps between the lites and glass, as well as lites on both sides. Ideally I'd like to have a window that I could reuse as a template but I'm still playing around with it.
  10. If you click on the cabinet there is a move cabinet up in schedule and move cabinet down in schedule icon on the object toolbar (at the bottom for me)
  11. Well I like to have all the catalogs (except cabinets which I keep limited to 6 or 7 brands for several reasons) because you never know what you may need, or more specifically you never know what you can resize, add to, overlay, delete surface from and repurpose into something close enough to the actual object when what you need isn't in the catalogs. And it is super annoying having to download them all like this anytime I build a new machine, and even worse when I'm using a different machine my wife or our assistant set up that is missing something and I have to dig through all the catalogs to see what they are missing or go to one of my machines and see which catalog whatever texture/object is from.
  12. With the hardware workload on RTRT with larger models does Chief support multi GPU rendering or are there plans to in the future?
  13. Ok, talked to chief. Wasn't SSA problem or anything. You have the folder window (I realize I may not be using the correct window names, but you get the idea), orthographic 2d window, and 3d preview window. Well somehow my folder window got set to 0 height. so i slowly moved mouse down from the search bar until i got the double arrow (sizer icon?) and clicked and dragged. TADA, my folder window lives. Easy fix, but INCREDIBLY stupid that the preference reset doesn't reset the folder window to a minimum height. Apparently this was not the first time the guy had heard this either, but none the less he fixed it. Thanks guy.
  14. whenever this happens to me I drag 3d view tab to other monitor, instant fix. happens a lot though. would love to find out why
  15. To clarify I'm running x8, ALL my libraries are there, chief can find them as I can use them through the paint can, update them, filter them, etc. The browser window is simply pure white. nothing. search does nothing. I've tried a multitude of things. toggle between search and browse change options from browse to search. from tiled to stacked. vertical/horizontal. standard/vector. Update/Install Core Content. Update libraries (several updated) Close Program. Reboot. Deactivate. (and multiple variations of these 3.) Install new library catalog I didnt previously have (vetrazzo) Redownload x8 installer and run repair option. forces restart. turn all catalogs except core off in filter. create new filter with half a dozen random catalogs turned off prefrences > reset options > reset side windows open a different plan. create a new plan. remove monitor and run single monitor setup instead of my normal dual. kitchen bath config/default/landscape/space planning Does anyone have any idea??? This started from me using Elegant Lighting bonus catalog and placing 2 of the drum chandeliers and the crystal flushmount. I was in 3d view with library open, floorplan open on other screen, also had library. Closed 3d to make another camera and when I reopened library it was stuck on 3d object views of those fixtures. Couldnt get to browser. Eventually 3d object previews went away and ever since Ive had white screen in library. Thanks, Robby
  16. Help, all the sudden my library browser is completely empty. The window opens but nothing is visible and nothing can be searched. It was all current and working great this morning.
  17. Definitely agree with MM407p. One of the biggest things lacking in chief is a tile tool. The ability to load Multiple faces, ie 9 faces, into the material object when you create it makes such a huge difference in the realism of the rendering. You simply can't show a client a single face of a V3 or higher face variant tile and get a real representation. Being able to then access materials to input in a pattern generator would be huge, especially if it had a manufacturers grout catalog that was adjustable for size and color. As it is now you have to generate the JPG play with sizes and you can get it pretty close, but it can be a time consuming endeavor and the results aren't always what they could be. Side Note: When using chief to determine things like Rough Framing height for a shower bench, niche, pony wall, etc. it can be a pain to calculate actual tile H, grout joint H, Shower pan thickness, shower floor tile thickness, finished tile thickness, thinset, and finished tile backer. When you do you can produce a wall tile layout without cuts due to vertical layout that is really awesome. Does anyone know an easier way to determine this?
  18. Would really like to see Emser Tile, custom products grout colors, american standard, moen, delta, kohler, columbia engineered wood, GE/Kenmoore appliances, I could go on and on.