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  1. okay, I see that I can switch to "vector view" and "glass house" preview modes to get a decent idea of what the lamp looks like. solved my own issue.
  2. Hi all, Regarding the Preview window for 3D catalog objects: Is it possible to change the background color for the Preview window to a darker color (see attached image)? I would like to change the background to a darker color (e.g. dark gray or black). Reason / issue: When previewing lighting options the white background makes it impossible to see what the fixture looks like due to the glass. The only way to actually see what the lighting objects look like is to place them in the room one-by-one, a big time waster. Cheers
  3. Very nice, I will check that out as well, sounds like it might be just the thing
  4. Tons of countertop so the paint can is very slow going. I will look into the Style Pallete(s) method Joe, thanks for the tip! Cheers
  5. Hi, Anyone have any experience in switching quickly between different countertop materials? I am currently drilling down to change the default settings each time I want to view the design with a different countertop material, but it is a bit cumbersome. Wondering if there is a quicker way? Currently using >Default Settings >Cabinets >Base Cabinet > Base Cabinet Defaults > Materials > ....and editing the backsplash & Coutnertop defaults, manually. Cheers
  6. Fresh Windows install: few clicks drank a cup of coffee while installing Update OS: few clicks drank another cup of joe while updating Install Chief Premier X14: few clicks went to restroom while installing Install bonus catalogs: few hundred clicks 1.5 hours clicking on each download icon and carefully selecting the X14 version tracking my progress with a greasy left hand pointer finger on the surface of my flatscreen monitor progressing one item at a time losing my place a couple of times along the way and backtracking until I don't get a bonusitem(1) type filename come to forum, see same thing being discussed back in 2014
  7. I bought Chief Architect Premier x12, rode the included SSA upgrade to X13 and didn't renew. Today I upgraded to X14 from X13, however in my download section there is no link to X14... just to X13. Is this normal?
  8. Wow! thanks for that It sounds really complicated but with great instructions like that it will be a fun challenge/learning experience. I really appreciate that info. thanks !
  9. Hi, I'm working with modeling a framed opening of the "dogear arch" type in chief. I am wondering if there is a way to change the slope of the angled part of the doorway to match the slope of the slanted roof/ceiling (30°). Does anyone know if this can be done? I found an old thread about altering the slope for "Dogear arch" windows, but the option to do so with doors does not seem to be present. btw, the short wall in the attached images is just a cabinet that has been modified
  10. Does it matter which format for a 3D manufacturer object we import from various 3D model providers? I've seen people talking about .skp files, are those the preferred format? just wondering which format gives the best result in Chief Architect, compatibility wise or visually. Thanks in advance. Cheers,
  11. Hi, new to this... very much enjoying Chief Architect. Apologies to Solver who commented on my earlier posting of this... I think I posted in the wrong forum so I have moved it here instead. I've added my software info to the signature. I would like to have a window casing that's just sides and top, but not on the bottom. The bottom of this kitchen window will be flush with the upper edge of a 4" granite backsplash. A bottom window casing would/does interfere with the display of the granite backsplash in Chief (image attached). For now I have casing turned off for that window but it would be nice to visualize it with top & side casing. Any ideas on how to achieve this look in Chief Architect Premier X13? Thanks in advance.