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  1. rgardner, thanks to you and everyone else for helping. I was trying not to have 3 files for the same plan, but you're right i think that is my only way, and maybe I am trying to simplify Ca methods and you just can't change software that is hard coded.Plus I was head strong about doing it my way, because one of the salesperson told me the update feature could be turned off, but she didn't know how to do it. I guess I'll do the 3 files, got to start all over again. This program trips me up all the time.
  2. ok,, the picture thing didn't work out, I had to fix some things change up, lost some images...tried the Cad Detail from view, but now I can't enlarge it. any suggestions.
  3. ok,thank you chop saw... ok I've looked over all the advice. So I decide to send the foundation plan to the layout as a picture, but I see there is not any options when I click on "send to layout". what is the best method to to get that foundation view to a picture? Tim
  4. DB Copper, I understand now, thank you... and to all that helped. thanks, Tim
  5. Joey Martin, your second statement is exactly what I want to do. Thank you very much for your help and solution. and thanks to everyone else for weighing in and trying to help. But out of curiosity do you know how to turn off the auto update. the girl at CA said it can be done,but she didn't know how,but she said to check with you guys, because I had x12. If I can turn the auto update off then I don't have to have 3 separate files. thanks, Tim
  6. Let's try this again for all of you that can't understand English. I don't want to over lay 3 plans.... how do you TURN OFF THE AUTO UPDATE.?.. a simple question DON"T WORRY ABOUT WHAT I"M DOING JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION.
  7. So i'm adding all 3 foundation plans to the same layout, the auto update overlays all 3 plans as they are created so I need the auto update off.
  8. How do you turn off auto update from plan view to the layout view in x12. thanks, Tim
  9. Thanks Mark, appreciate that, perfect.
  10. thank you, do you know where I can find other choices similar to what you showed me not on CA
  11. flat Trellis is what I'm looking for. Some trellises are made from lattice.
  12. Thanks David for trying , not quit what I'm looking for, but can you answer any of the other questions in my request?
  13. I'm looking to download a flat trellis for a wall that is resizable for x12, what file extension should I be looking for, should the image be 3d or 2d and will I be able to add a vine to it of my choice or should it be part of the trellis? Any website recommendations would be appreciated.