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  1. I live in Doraville, Ga(metro Atlanta), and am seeking an experience CA designer/architect with children to mentor/train me in exchange for babysitting services. thanks, Tim 770 891 7509
  2. Anybody in Gwinnett County area available to teach.  Wynn1970@yahoo.com

  3. Let's talk if you have not filled the position. Tim Emanuel 770 891 7509 thanks
  4. Eric, Thanks for the kind letter.
  5. Oh Boy, home from work, Now it's my turn again. First of all, I want to thank those that kind of stuck up for me in a way about way and second, from the statements above from Kbird1 and JJohnson they seem to have GOTTEN BACK what I was getting at and third for those of you who can't understand English and who think Eric is a sweetheart and greatest thing around when Eric asked me what Dual Dimensioning Is. I gave him EXACTLY the Title that Chief Architect stated about Dual Dimensioning, you can't miss it in big letter for those who can't read English, read above, but Eric had an Attitude about
  6. Everyone has been to school, some instructors you like, some you don't. Some instructors like some students more than others, that's life, but if you're going to give me a hard time every time I ask a question then I'm going to speak up.
  7. Eric might be the greatest guy on here for those who are Architects and those that have knowledge in this field,but for me I have always felt he was not interested in helping or a little flexible in his thinking to help someone like me with a limited vocabulary and knowledge.
  8. It will be an honor not to hear from you.
  9. look above, Displaying Metric...is exactly the name of the article that Eric asked for, talk about lazy.
  10. I'm not sure what the davidjpotter thing is about, but if Eric or anyone for that matter would have typed in any of the responses I gave in the search bar, all would be clear. If someone is an instructor I would think that as a layman they would understand that something may need to be figured out by the instruction.
  11. Eric, I gave back when I answered your questions. Please quit giving me a hard time for you have never SOLVED anything for me.
  12. I found it,,thank you I found it under Dual dimensioning, but I was little confused, but I figured it out.