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  1. Thanks Mark, appreciate that, perfect.
  2. thank you, do you know where I can find other choices similar to what you showed me not on CA
  3. flat Trellis is what I'm looking for. Some trellises are made from lattice.
  4. Thanks David for trying , not quit what I'm looking for, but can you answer any of the other questions in my request?
  5. I'm looking to download a flat trellis for a wall that is resizable for x12, what file extension should I be looking for, should the image be 3d or 2d and will I be able to add a vine to it of my choice or should it be part of the trellis? Any website recommendations would be appreciated.
  6. For the purpose of viewing a plan in doll house mode I like to lower all the walls to around 3 to 4 ft to provide a better view of the interior. I must lower each wall one at a time. Is there a simpler way to lower all the walls at one time? thanks
  7. Can anyone give me some ideas where the cross section slider might be hidden. I used it an hour ago and now I can't find it. thanks
  8. I would like to connect with anyone to learn more about my software and exchange ideas. I Live in Doraville and have x12. 770 891 7509 Tim
  9. looks good, place a corner gutter and a rain barrel.
  10. I live in Doraville, Ga(metro Atlanta), and am seeking an experience CA designer/architect with children to mentor/train me in exchange for babysitting services. thanks, Tim 770 891 7509
  11. Anybody in Gwinnett County area available to teach.  Wynn1970@yahoo.com

  12. Let's talk if you have not filled the position. Tim Emanuel 770 891 7509 thanks
  13. Eric, Thanks for the kind letter.
  14. Oh Boy, home from work, Now it's my turn again. First of all, I want to thank those that kind of stuck up for me in a way about way and second, from the statements above from Kbird1 and JJohnson they seem to have GOTTEN BACK what I was getting at and third for those of you who can't understand English and who think Eric is a sweetheart and greatest thing around when Eric asked me what Dual Dimensioning Is. I gave him EXACTLY the Title that Chief Architect stated about Dual Dimensioning, you can't miss it in big letter for those who can't read English, read above, but Eric had an Attitude about helping me from DAY ONE for whatever his reason might be, maybe because I'm just a handyman, maybe because I don't have the formal education he has and he thinks I'm an idiot, maybe because I'm from the north and to the point, maybe he sensed I have ADD, I don't know, but It has always been there, and I have never had problem with anyone else. I'm not computer savvy, all I know is the basics. Ask a question, get some help. If you don't like the way I ask a question or give a response, too bad. Don't tell me how to give back. Every question and every answer gives back some way or another. If you don't like it too bad. If you really enjoy helping others help them and expect nothing in return except that you gave of yourself. By the way, the first thing I said in this post was I just bought x11, but Eric's attitude couldn't read beyond who wrote the post. Oh, and there is no way I will apology for anything. I don't know how many years of experience Eric has, and if he is truly an instructor, if he is truly an instructor he should have gotten what I was talking about.