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  1. May I have a minute. Alan James 941-321-3175

  2. Hello all, I'm looking for someone who can create our as-built cad plans in Chief for us. We'd supply you with a .dxf file of the room, along with field measure photographs and notes etc. The goal would be for you to create the as-built plan, (including cabinetry, doorways, windows, etc) that we'd then modify and create the new design from. The colors in the existing conditions do not need to be accurate as these plans would only be used in technical illustration view. Thanks Steve (X8 for Mac)
  3. Beautiful1

    Unusual error message when deactivating license (X7)

    Thats true Lew, but at least I can get some screenshots of floorpan changes I'd planned to make. That will still be helpful even if I have to redo the work later
  4. Beautiful1

    Unusual error message when deactivating license (X7)

    Thats a great idea! I'll try that and see what happens. I have all my files in DropBox so accessing those is easy Thanks again
  5. Beautiful1

    Unusual error message when deactivating license (X7)

    Hi Alaskan_Son The program and the Mac is off (its in the repair shop as they're waiting for parts), and even if they were to power it on they cannot access the password screen to open up any programs. (We tried this and variations of a safe reboot etc while I was there) I tried disconnecting from the internet on the loaner, and I get still a message saying I need to activate the software...which needs access to the internet, and there aren't any other options shown around that. When I click on CA to start it (with or without internet access) it asks for the product key and I go through the same issues all over again. While the downloaded program is on the loaner computer, I can't open it up without activating it, and there doesn't seem to be a workaround on that. I agree that I shouldn't need to deactivate the program on the existing machine, I've been through the process before when I upgraded machines a year ago and it worked fine from the new machine. Thanks for your help on this
  6. Beautiful1

    Unusual error message when deactivating license (X7)

    Hi Glenn, Thanks for your prompt answer. Unfortunately I'm not able to open CA on the new computer to get to the screen that gives me the option for using the ETP. Instead the error message says words to the effect of: This license of CA is currently active on another computer... And then gives me two options to deactivate the old one, both of which I've tried. Any other suggestions are very much appreciated, Thanks
  7. Beautiful1

    Some examples of my design/build work

    Design/Build work by Steve Price of BeautifulRemodel llc
  8. Hello all, My video card went out on my Mac so I'm using a loaner macbook while the Macs being repaired. In order to be able use Chief on my loaner computer I went online to deactivate my Mac license, and when doing so received this error message - There was an error. Deactivation may not have completed successfully. The problem is I can't access my Mac to deactivate it on that, and trying to deactivate it through my CA account isn't working either. I've done a web search and CA site search for this error message etc and nothing comes up at all. Technical support is closed on the weekends and I really need to get this fixed asap for some work deadlines. Any help is really appreciated, thanks! Equipment: X7 (up to date SSA) Mac 27", 1TB HD, 3.5 GHZ, I7, 4GB Ram