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  1. hi please help me in chief architect x11 when i delete everything,all cameras will close and ask me to save plan and quit...what should i do????
  2. some views there are no noises
  3. what is the solution?
  4. when i draw a sloped wall or put a cabinet on this sloped wall,it becomes so noisy in render...this problem happens always
  5. I got it..thank you..but it didnt solve the problem..i kept the texture and didnt mix it with color...can you tell me how should be set render settings in prefrences?
  6. hi..thanks for replying..what you mean about little roller icon??where is it?
  7. hi..someone please help final render atilt cabinets and walls gets so noisy...why this happens?this problem is visible in image on left side of it my chief is primier x7/ram 8/core i7 2670qm/intel hd 3000/windows 10