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  1. Thanks everyone, this helped save a lot of time, now I just need to clean it up a little. Solver, no, I know how to exchange two floors, I was just having a hard time figuring out how to do a reverse plan but doing that top to bottom instead of side to side.
  2. I swear this has got to be easy and I am just missing it. I see where I can reflect the drawing side to side (right to left) but I have a client that wants to reflect his plan top to bottom, is there an easy way to do this or do I need to draw a match line on each floor and start selecting and flipping? Thanks for you help!
  3. This is the only topic that I could find that talked about creating a business sign, so I am going to ask my question here. I have a logo (png file), I just want to attach the logo on the sign of a sign board (6'x4') and then attach that to the side of my building, how do I make this happen? I like what rlackore did with the freestanding sign in the rendering that he posted above. Or, how do I turn that logo into a material in Chief? I have the sign board on the side of the building and I can select something in the materials list (like Fire 5) and that sign board will have flames on it (instead of the logo that I want). So I think that would be the easiest thing, turn my logo into a material and then I can just select it and chose it to be on the face of the sign board. I think this is probably a pretty simple thing, but I am just missing a step and I am tired of spinning my wheels. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  4. Ok, it's doable, that's good to know. I am going to have to figure out how to make that happen!
  5. I think it would be nice to show it that way on the renderings, but if it's not possible or takes too much time to create, then maybe I can just use a double crossbuck design and note it as a dutch door.
  6. I have a client that is wanting a "barndominium", I need to use a dutch door for the exterior stable doors. Is there a catalog with a dutch door or a way to create a dutch door in Chief? I found the Tack Room catalog and I am going to use the stall door on the interior of the stables but it won't work for the exterior stable doors.
  7. dshall, thanks! That solved it, just shut the program down and reload it and it copy and pasted just fine, as normal. I thought maybe it had something to do with the program update that I did this morning. I guess I should have done that before beating my head against the wall for the last half an hour. Thanks for the help!
  8. Am I missing something? I swear I used to be able to go into an old plan and copy items (specifically posts, beams, korbels, pillars, etc.) that I have already drawn and then paste them into the new drawing that I am working on, without having to recreate them all over again. I'm not going crazy, you used to be able to do that, right? Is that option really not available anymore or am I just doing it wrong? I guess I could block them and add them to my user library but that is not as quick and as easy as just doing a copy and paste.
  9. I have a client with an existing house that was built at a 5 degree angle from the building setback lines, he wants an addition built that is parallel to the property lines, it is a narrow lakeside lot and there isn't much room to work. So I have drawn in the existing structure, now I am ready to start drawing the addition. Is there a way to do an all layers displayed and then "select all" and rotate (I have 3 levels) so that I can draw the addition using 0 and 90 degrees on the X and Y axis? In the old days of AutoCAD, I could do a Z axis global rotate, is that something that can be done in Chief? I would prefer to rotate everything that I currently have drawn and then be able to draw the addition using 0 and 90 degrees, rather than setting my automatic angles at 5 degrees and trying to get everything to draw in at that 5 degree difference. Do you know of any simple solutions to this or any workarounds that can streamline this process?
  10. Does anyone know of a door and lites like this or similar in any of the catalogs? I looked through them and couldn't find anything even close. My client wants this door and I would like to at least find something close to put in the renderings. Thanks in Advance... Jess
  11. Chopsaw, thank you, that is what I needed.
  12. I don't know where I have gone wrong but before I get too frustrated, I think I just better ask for help. Hopefully, it's a simple thing that I am missing and an easy fix. I created a polyline solid to use as an arched beam over an entry way. But I need to rotate my arched beam 90 degrees in the x axis, so when I drop it into the floor plan, the arch will be in the correct position. I turned it into an architectural block, I added it to the library, but when I right click on it in the library it doesn't give me an "Open Symbol" option, so I can get in and rotate it. So somewhere I missed a step turning it from an architectural block into a symbol. Please let me know what step I am missing. I am using X8.
  13. Thanks for the help, it looks like I will have to create it using polyline solids. I couldn't find anything in the libraries that got me what I needed.