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  1. I hear ya on the p-solid, a time tested go to! But this is one that's just bugging me on "what in the world is causing this?!?"
  2. Been beating my head against the wall for an hour now, having no luck getting the cheek wall to fill in. Each time I pull the interior knee wall away it fills, put it back and I have a hole again. Checked settings over and over, with to no avail, never had this happen before without figuring it out. Pic and plan attached. X13 1 Mathurin 7.6.21.plan
  3. Yup, here it is. Thanks Eric!
  4. So funny the coincidence, just ran into that same issue
  5. Will give that a shot!
  6. Just did this Perry, and it did help. I also added additional lighting in attempt to brighten things up....but it's still really dim. Any other thoughts on getting it brighter? Thanks!
  7. Is it possible to get recessed lights without the "halo" around the outer ring? Just doesn't look realistic this way. Can't upload the plan at the moment, but will if necessary. Thx
  8. Your help/time is much appreciated!
  9. The door looks great! One actually has to go there, or we'll extend the deck over and center a door on that back wall. I'm still stuck on the "why" this happened (I should really move on :), nothing productive in it), do you think it stemmed from the as-built and then the stuff I removed, then adding new floor/walls/roof? Ultimately something I had set on the as-built didn't jive with the new? Thanks for your help Mick!
  10. I was going to rip it apart, but I got too consumed with trying to find the problem Sometimes it's just best to not over think things
  11. Weird? Absolutely. Normally I can figure dumb stuff like this out....but no such luck today. Essentially this is a remodel where there was a breezeway/garage, we're using the existing footprint to create one room. Where that front door was, was bumped out 4' or so from where the breezeway door currently is. Had no issues until we scaled back and needed to remove some stuff
  12. Thanks Eric! Attached is a copy of the plan before I had any issues. The goal was to remove the mudroom/closet walls and bump the entire ceiling up to 12', everything was intact prior to removal. I figured this may give you an idea of everything that was going on, maybe an answer as well. I'm just too pissed off with it at this point....soo dumb! 23 Cedar St v1 (ca forum).plan
  13. Can someone please help me with this cheek (see image)? For the life of me I cannot get it straightened out, been at it for hours. Can't believe I'm hung up on this...... Plan attached 23 Cedar St v3.plan
  14. A little direction always was in the CA videos. Thx...again!