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  1. Offering custom design, collaboration on your design, help finishing your design, on a one-time, or continuing basis. All jobs considered. In the chair for about 23 years (All Chief), family business since 1971. Love to help. Ring me @ 208-597-7321. Email to Web: Thanks for your consideration.
  2. Chief Designer Available for your Anywhere Projects. Running Chief since v6. 20+ yrs in the chair. 50+ yrs family owned business. (Many of those years in California's North Bay Area & Wine Country.) Happy to work remotely on your anywhere projects Loving my new digs, in North Idaho! I'd love to meet you, and help with your local projects too! (Did you know that Chief was born here?) It's your house, not mine. Let me help facilitate the realization of your dream! Got ideas? Need help putting those on paper? I love doing that! Got more drafting work than you can keep up with? Give me a call. Maybe I can help you out. Give me a jingle @ 208-597-7321 Email: Web:
  3. I don't typically do that, because I thought the wall frame broke at the change. Guess not. Sure better that skrewing about with wall covering. Thanks Tom.
  4. Yeah. Think you're right. Maybe try that route. Thanks.
  5. Hi, Used to be that you could choose to cut the parent object with added wall covering. Just want to add simple Bd & Batt @ bottom of exterior....but I end up as shown in attached image. Sure this is easy, but couldn't seem to find an answer when searched, nor in the manual. Thanks! Merry Christmas!
  6. Chief Designer Available for New Projects. Running Chief since v6. 20+ yrs in the chair. (Many of those years in California's North Bay Area & Wine Country.) 50+ yrs family owned business. Happy to work remotely on your anywhere projects. It's your house, not mine. Let me help facilitate the realization of your dream. Give me a jingle @ 208-597-7321 Email: Web:
  7. Thanks guys. I just kinda compromised, as I'm not getting paid to develop methods of applying stain.
  8. Ryan, thanks. I was looking to try to keep the underlying wood color, as well. Adding a semi-transparent layer of grey stain over that.
  9. Thinking maybe I'll apply an additional layer to my wall layers setup. Not sure about controlling the transparency in various camera views, but I guess we'll see.
  10. Sure this question must've come up before, but my search was not yielding results.... Specifically looking to apply a semi-transparent grey tone stain over natural cedar exterior siding....want the "orangey" wood to remain visible thru the grey stain. Can I create (copy) the material, adjusting the transparency, and paint as a new layer without replacing the base material/color? I could manually create a 3d polyline, using this transparent material, and lay that up, over the cedar, but that doesn't seem necessary somehow. Haven't quite fully commmitted to X14....maybe that's been added? Thanks!
  11. Hey. This was the answer. Thank You very much!
  12. I guess I want to know how to control the radius of my arc, while keeping the "Broken Arch"....because the broken arch allows me to control the top corners of the window....the radius of the arc just comes out all wonky.
  13. Thank you. Getting closer. Not quite there yet though.
  14. I suppose that defining the window height, the height of the broken arch, i.e., the lower window height, and being able to define the radius would do it. Somehow, with the method I'm using, the radius field is greyed out, and I'm not certain how to change that.
  15. Yes. I'm unfamiliar with method to accomplish this.
  16. Howdy, Needing some'y'all's knowledge. I want to adjust window tops to match the arc I've drawn. Not sure how to manipulate the windows like that. Help? Thanks!
  17. Thank you, David, It is amazing how far Chief has come, since I began using it (v6). My proficiency has increased along with it, so with the two, I'm happy with the capabilities. As Chief offers such a great opportunity to walk thru with clients, I have many times used "the rectangular polyline option", but it doesn't always work when there are 3 dimensional objects which I'm trying to hide for walkthru. With all the experience available on this forum, I just thought that maybe someone had run into this and discovered the solution. I think Ryan's idea regarding the manual manipulation culprit, might be very valid. I sincerely appreciate the many times I have called and had opportunity to pick the brain of the technical support crew. Thanks for your input! Cris
  18. Thanks Ryan, I might try recreating the walls in question...yes there's been a little manual manipulation of the walls...that may have caused it. Thanks for your time.
  19. Hi, Any Idea why this is happening? I'm not sure of a setting which controls this. Thanks! Cris
  20. Thanks, Scott! It's given me the opportunity to become reacquainted with the codes. Also, nice to step back, from California, to a more reasonable version. I'll look into your suggestions, I really appreciate it. Cris
  21. Howdy, The bulk of my career has been spent working in Northern California. (Residential) I have standardized Notes sheet, as well as notes for paste up on various different plan sheets. I recently relocated to Idaho, and have not had time to update these notes to suit my new state. If someone has notes which they use for this locale, which they'd be willing to share, or I'd happily purchase a copy. Please let me know. Thanks, Cris (208)-597-7321
  22. Thanks, all. Gonna give this one a shot: KODAK IMOUSE Q40 Pretty simple and straight forward. Here's hoping.