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  1. jollywheat

    Roller Doors

    morning Rob, a kind user provided these a while ago, hopefully you may find them useful. regards, Brian Roller doors.calibz
  2. jollywheat

    No bump map option

    afternoon Ed, If you really want your renders to "pop" then try this: the clients love it & it's lots of fun. regards, Brian
  3. jollywheat

    Polished Concrete Interior Floors

    morning, download Chief's "Boral library" which has a great selection of exposed, honed or polished concrete finishes. this is in the Materials & Surfaces section & will import into your Manufacturers library. enjoy. Brian
  4. jollywheat

    Bifold External Stacking Door

    evening John & young Ed, attached library should give you what you want. they are symbols so you need to make the opening first & then insert these doors, may need to make a single hinged door as the first leaf. regards, Brian folding doors.calibz
  5. jollywheat

    Measurements On Elevations

    evening Adam, drag the elevation camera into the building & your dimensions will snap to the X section lines. then drag your camera back out for your elevation & the dimensions will stay. regards Brian
  6. jollywheat

    Terran Copy

    morning Timmy, 1. turn off all layers except the terrain & make the skirt 10mm (½") thick & "follow terrain". 2. take an orthographic full overview. 3. export 3D model (any are fine) 4. import 3D symbol (or drag & drop into plan) 5. save as symbol & place on its own layer. 6. overlay it on the terrain 7. give it the correct elevation & you're good to go. regards, Brian
  7. jollywheat

    3D Render using chief Architect

    morning Tina, Trust you didn't get blown away last night. There is a very active chief architects users group in Perth. We meet monthly to share tips & tricks, materials, symbols & try to sort out any problems anyone is having. Now we have been using it for a while we are actually having a full day seminar next week for an in depth look at X6. you are most welcome to come along. Email or give me a call on 94477867 or 0417 957 876 anytime to discuss further. Regards, Brian Wheatland